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We're committed to ensuring your property attracts and retains high-quality clients. The duration your property stays on the market depends on several factors such as, the time of the year, condition of your home, location, and competition. Rest assured, we'll work towards quickly finding your ideal tenants and reducing vacancy periods.

We advertise property rentals on the top national rental databases, as well as the MLS. This helps to broaden your property's reach and source the most qualified, reliable tenants for your North Carolina property.

At SSPM, we appreciate that each property (and property owner) is unique. By actively listening and collaborating with owners, we take the time to understand their individual needs and investment goals. This approach enables us to consistently deliver impactful results that benefit homeowners and tenants.

We significantly minimize the risk of late rental payments by carefully
screening tenants, effectively communicating expectations, and providing multiple ways to deliver
payment. Our rent collection process strongly encourages tenants to set up automatic
online rent payments which is beneficial and convenient to both renters and property owners.
95% of Southern Solution’s tenants are currently enrolled in automatic payment programs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.